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Sunday 3rd July 2011

Carrying on the weather from Friday night it was an extreme heatwave down at the Jedburgh Green today but no-one was complaining as this made the green play like a dream for all involved. The Tom Hutchison Singles is a very popular tournament which is a real tribute to the man himself who once graced our green with some quality bowls and he would have been very proud today with the standard of bowling today.

In the end the final was betweend Jedburghs own Darrie Scott and Ancrums Bruce Cowan, two of the most consistant bowlers on the day which made it a very even final. In the end it was Scott who took the spoils and picked up the "hutchie" trophy and the £100 prize.

We would like to take this oppurtunity to give our sincerest gratitude to the L.S. Starrett Company for sponsoring this tournament and who are great supporters to the club, we couldn't hold these tournaments and other club tournaments without them.

Friday 1st July 2011

A great night for bowling as the sun stayed out for the duration of the tournament. The format for this years tournament was to be played in triples and the green was full with a nice 24 entries. There seemed to be a few very close games and in the end it prooved the case as the eventual winners only won by a few shots overall. Winners being the triple of I. Livingston, D. Cook & I. Watters so well done to them and here's hoping we can have this tournament on Friday Nights every year!

Saturday 4th June 2011

the two bowl pairs was played in group format with an entry of 8 pairs, 4 pairs per group. Luckily we had no rain as it looked threatining all day. However, the green ran very well and with some very close group games, there would be no confirmed winners until the last game.

The final consisted of the pairings of group 1 winners Noxie and Jean Ervine versus group 2 winners Laura Lightbody and Greg Nagle. it was an interesting final as it could have really went any way. Nagle having the edge as they were undefeated in the group and that record was going to remain intact as they went on in the end to win 12-7 and collect the trophy, Lightbody winning it for the 2nd year running.

Sunday 29th May 2011

The club held its annual club triples on what was a fine but windy day which made for difficult bowling conditions. However, there was a fair entry which allowed for plenty of bowls to be played. The final was to be between the triple of Robert Hogg Jnr, Laura Lightboday & David Lightbody versus 2010 winner Ann Gilfillan, Irene Watters & John Taylor. A family clash one could say, which made it all the more special. Both teams had been on form all day so it was going to be very interesting. It was team Lightbody that raced off into the lead going 6-0 up, but a great comeback saw the game being very interesting near the end being 11-8 to Lightbody and co. going into the last end. However, Taylor could not find the required shots and the game finished 12-8.

 The competition that always draws the entries was well competed by all involved and it's good to see the club members turn out. Let's hope we can encourage even more entries as we enter the start of the summer. 

Saturday 21st May 2011

Craws nest Challenge Pairs? Why the name you ask? because this was to be a new type of tournament which was pretty much made up as it went along and it turned out a huge success with all involved really enjoying it.

The format was to be to two groups of four pairs completely drawn out a hat. You played each game being 6 ends but there was a twist.... 3 ends of that were with your drawn out partner and then you swapped over with your opposite opponent and played the remaining 3 ends of the game with his partner. Everyone had their own seperate scorecard and marked each end, whether they won or lost it, with the score in that end. So at the end of the group games all cards were scored, with 1 point being awarded for each end won then if needed, overall shots. Top two players from each group would compete as a pair in the final.

The final was to be the pair of Davie Laidlaw and Gary Pringle (group 2 top two) versus Ann Michie and Robert Hogg Jnr (group 1 top two). As the rain belted down in the final, there were still some good bowls played, but Laidlaw and Pringle prooved too strong a combination and took the victory with a 10-1 win. With this new format being a great sucess, let's hope that we can have more competitions like this and hopefully on a drier day! :)


Sunday 1st May 2011

There were 26 entries for the 1st club tournament of the season which is a real positive for the club! The weather was perfect for bowling, usually fleeces and wooly hats are required at this time of year still! however, it was the triple of John Taylor, Joe Lamb & young Paul Domingo who took the cup beating the triple of Rob Hogg Snr, Andy Whitecross & Mabel Dick overall on points and best shot difference.

Sunday 24th April 2011

There was a large turn out to see the official opening of the jedburgh bowling green. President Davie Laidlaw's wife Lorna had the job of rolling the 1st jack and play commenced after that. As usual this was a close game throughout but it seems as though the result is always the same in the end, with President Dave and his team defeating Vice-President Rob and squad by a single shot!

The Green will be opened on Sat 23 April at 7pm followed by fun bowls and a social evening. the following day there will be the annual President V Vice President match at 2pm.


The Annual General Meeting of the Jedburgh Bowling Club took place in the Royal British Legion on Sunday 27th march.  A decent turn out of members welcomed the incoming President of David C Laidlaw to office and thanked the out going president, Niki Hill for all his work during his term in office.

The First duty performed by David was to propose Robert Hogg Snr to the position of Vice president which was accepted.

There were no further changes within the Office Bearers but the General Committee had Greg Nagle and Dougie Munro voted on and the Agm thanked the retiring Ivor Hughes for his hard work over the past two seasons.

There is an all new selection committee for 2011 with D Munro, D Lightbody and S Fisher taking on the challenging post.

Subsciptions are to ramain the same at £50 for a full member, £10 for juniors and associate members.

On the Green the biggest change for the comming year is that a new Club Dress code has been installed for the Gents and ladies league teams. The new club dress will now be BLACK trousers with an all new style polo shirt (white with royal blue paneling) the club Jearsy will remain the same. The new polo shirts are priced at £12 each. The seniors will decide at a later date whether or not to implement the change.

The financial report can be obtained by contacting Club Treasurer D Hynd.

The Green will be opened on Sat 23 April at 7pm followed by fun bowls and a social evening. the following day their will be the annual President V Vice President match at 2 pm

Attention all members old and new.  The Club AGM is to be held on sunday the 27th March at 2pm in the Royal British Legion.  See you there

Over the winter months the green has been under going phase 2 of the raising the edges program.  Started in the winter of 09/10 the Green has had its edges raised to help make them level again. This winter saw the remaining 2 edges raised which now makes our green a "level playing field".